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Kep Beach


A short 15-minute walk from Le Flamboyant Resort and Spa, Kep beach is an inviting locale that allows for peak levels of fun and relaxation. The one-kilometer beachhead enjoys calm waters, ideal for swimming and aquatic activities of all varieties. Never crowded, the beach has been recently renovated to include pure white sand for all. This notable improvement enhances the natural beauty and function of a place loved by everyone within the community.


Located at the heart of Kep tourist activity, the beach is frequented  each day by locals and tourists alike. The spot often attracts groups Khmer upon straw mats eating and laughing in the cool sea breeze making for a perfect picnic. Necessities such as cafes, souvenir shops, and, of course, seafood restaurants can be found nearby. In the case hunger strikes, a number of small restaurants and street vendors are always at hand.









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Jump upon one of the well-maintained forested trails offering two spectacular options for adventurers of all fitness levels.

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